Tom Brady cruises to yet another playoff gain against the overmatched Eagles

Here’s the bizarre detail about greatness: It is, all at the moment, inspiring, instructive, motivating and galvanizing. We can examine it, understand from it, use it to greater ourselves, use it as an example for younger generations, and use it as a baseline with which to examine the earlier and project the long run. We can admire it. Argue about it. Rejoice it and, clearly, use it to offer journals.

It can also get terribly unexciting, and maybe this is the finest compliment we can pay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady, whose assault on the NFL document guides continued with a 31–15 get around the Eagles that was by no means near adequate to raise an eyebrow. At the half, it was 17–0 after a few quarters, it was 31–0. Astonishingly, a Buccaneers group with Rob Gronkowski and Mike Evans was still effective plenty of without Antonio Brown to advance in the playoffs.