Disney eliminates movie for ‘Star Wars’ resort amid enthusiast backlash

Disney quietly yanked a online video for its new Star Wars-themed hotel that promised an immersive experience — for a lot more than $1,200 a night time — after enthusiasts slammed the lodging as subpar and much too pricey.

The Mouse Residence scrubbed the marketing video clip from Twitter and YouTube, according to Insider. The cruise ship-like hotel, dubbed “Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser,” is the centerpiece of a two-evening voyage via a virtual Star Wars galaxy which is set at Disney Earth in Florida.

“Once on board, you are going to cruise to the galaxy for two days and two nights while becoming the hero of your quite very own ‘Star Wars’ adventure,” former chairman of Disney parks, Bob Chapek, said at a business presentation back again in 2017, when saying the notion, according to the report.

Admirers apparently weren’t amazed by the final item shared on social media at the conclusion of November.

“The ‘light saber training’ appears to be about as exciting as a roadside sobriety test,” a person Disney watcher commented on YouTube. “It’s way as well high priced,” a different explained.

Disney did not straight away return requests from The Post for comment.

A screen grab of the Disney Hotel welcome video featuring a purple-faced concierge.
Disney circulated a minimal-fi welcome video clip to friends of its new hotel, that includes an alien concierge. The movie, which spurred backlash from enthusiasts, was at some point taken out.

Disney formerly experienced shared a guiding-the-scenes movie and photographs of the Florida-based resort, which — depending on the offer and home measurement — can set company again as a lot as $6,000 for a two-night time remain when it opens on March 1 of up coming calendar year.

“Imagine waking up within of a Star Wars story—your individual Star Wars tale,” Disney’s advertising website beckons. “Relax in comfort and gaze out your cabin or suite window, as ships, planets, stars and other amazing galactic sights float earlier on the majestic canvas of the cosmos.”

The hotel, which is a cruise ship-like experience, is supposed to transport guests to a Star Wars world. Unfortunately for Disney, some of those guests weren't impressed by a recent promotional video.
Courtesy of Disney

But above the weekend, several Disney information blogs posted a bizarre lower-fi promo video sent to consumers who by now experienced booked a remain at the new house. The video evidently didn’t match expectations that experienced been juiced by Disney’s advertising.

It sparked a firestorm of criticism from followers. It attributes a purple-faced woman alien concierge explaining different routines that are readily available onboard the Halcyon Starcruiser, the “ship” that attendees will be boarding.


The welcome movie sent to new friends of Disney’s ‘Star Wars’ lodge.

A static-stuffed online video exhibits the concierge detailing some of the routines readily available through the stay though she faucets on a device that appears to be very similar to an Iphone, which beams very low-resolution hologram pictures as she speaks.

“While on your voyage you will have entry to an thrilling array of activities just a shorter stroll from your cabin. Test your hand at the honored historical artwork of wielding a light saber,” the concierge states, just before tapping the Apple iphone to expose an picture of yet another time-honored getaway staple — a cocktail.

“The Star Wars Hotel lady is using an Apple iphone as a moveable hologram thing,” tweeted an upset Disney supporter.

A rendering of the Sublight Lounge  featuring guests drinking cocktails at the new Disney hotel
A rendering of the Sublight Lounge at Disney’s Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser lodge in Orlando, Florida.

A different wrote: “Why does it have analog static? What is this accent? Why really do not they have extra than 3 routines to discuss about in any of these promotions? It’s a $3K hotel continue to be, couldn’t they have invested additional than $20 on the video? Why not do an in-universe model of their excursion organizing movies?”

“Bro this is not Star Wars, this is “Space Conflicts”. Who … authorised this for a $6,000 resort encounter?,” tweeted an additional offended enthusiast.

“I recognize now Disney did not make the Galactic Starcruiser for Star Wars fans. They manufactured it for abundant folks who believe Star Wars is neat,” wrote 1 enthusiast.

Meanwhile Mickey Views, a weblog for Disney information that has 134,000 subscribers, said that Disney hotel expertise could be a “galactic failure” due to its cost and lodge structure, which consists of sterile, spartan rooms that a person may see on a undesirable cruise.

“While a great deal of folks believed this expertise could be a big action ahead, a smashing success…it’s commencing to look not so considerably that way,” Mickey Views proprietor Brayden Holness stated in a movie. “It’s not clickbait when I say I believe this two-night time immersive practical experience is going to go down as one particular of the major flops that Disney Parks has ever seen.”


Mickey Sights termed the Disney Resort a “galactic failure.”
If you want to vacation like a Jedi, you’re going to need some serious Imperial Credit.
An within search at a cabin in Disney’s Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser lodge. Rooms operate in the $5000-$6000 variety for two nights depending on the offer and space size.
David Roark
Photo shows food at The Crown of Coreillia Dining Room at the hotel.
A sampling of desserts presented at the hotel’s Crown of Corellia Eating Place, which is named for the production planet in which the Halcyon and the Millennium Falcon were being constructed, per “Star Wars” lore.

Reservations booked up speedily when the lodge was introduced, but now, as the 90-working day deadline to cancel ways, prospects surface to be canceling their high-priced commitments.

In accordance to Disney’s website, a number of openings have started popping up in March, April and June.