Discover new art in Amsterdam

Have you ever searched for a museum? You can do this with family, or with school. If you went with school, you probably got all kinds of assignments. In a museum, you can admire beautiful paintings and old costumes. The stuff is very old and so very special to experience up close. Do you like a bit more innovation, and would you like to discover other kinds of art? Then the Moco museum is for you. You will experience a whole different kind of art, through the addition of digital art. 

Have you heard of NFT art?

If you want to go to the Moco museum, you can find it in the capital of the Netherlands, namely Amsterdam. The Amsterdam museum has put together exhibitions, where different kinds of art than usual can be admired. The exhibitions consist of twelve different NFT artworks. If you’re not quite familiar with this concept yet, you’ll be introduced to it pretty quickly. The way the NFT artworks are exhibited is still done almost nowhere in the world, and the Moco museum is one of the first museums to do so. Through NFT art, the digital art of the most successful digital artists is exhibited uniquely. Due to great success, a location in Barcelona has now also been opened. 

The art of today

Because the Moco Museum focuses on contemporary art, the museum is able to distinguish itself well from other museums. For many people, the exhibition will be a revelation. As if this were not enough, the Moco museum is taking another step. Digital art has been known for a long time, but was not used very much. In the 90s, this art was created by the arrival of the Internet. You can see it as art that is made on a computer. So it is art that is made online and there are various forms. 

New discoveries all the time

It makes sense that there are more and more ways to show art to the world, since it is constantly innovating. You have probably heard of augmented reality, which is on the rise. In this way, art can be created by means of a fusion of reality and digital art. You also see this increasingly reflected in simple things. Think of augmented reality, where you can admire a certain color on the wall of your living room.