Constructed on a Pond, Spectacular Pure Bamboo Homestay in Kerala is a Ought to-See

Wayanad native Baburaj’s only prepare was to create a bamboo home, minimal did he know it would be in the center of a pond. Today, his a few-storeyed household also aids them make a livelihood.

Baburaj, a trainer and environmentalist, made use of to live in a concrete rented dwelling for about 10 several years. When he realised its drawbacks, he wished to are living a additional sustainable lifetime. His affiliation with Uravu, an organisation that focuses on endorsing a life-style and infrastructure dependent on bamboo, fuelled this strategy. In 2007, with the assist of his designer pal Aneesh, Baburaj initiated the construction of his bamboo residence.

Three decades later, a 3000 sq ft composition was erected in Thrikaipatta, a put near Meppadi, which was a short while ago declared as a Bamboo heritage village by the Condition Government. The dwelling is recognized as Bamboo Villa which also works as a homestay that welcomes tourists.

“Several persons are engaged in bamboo artistry and quite a few residences are created employing bamboo in this village. It was just after obtaining this 18 cent land that I came to know it arrives under farmland status. So, I made the decision to make a pond in my plot and the residence was then created on stilts,” suggests bamboo fanatic Baburaj.

Bamboo Reinforcement Technological innovation

Baburaj has utilized a distinctive technology identified as bamboo reinforcement to create his dream household. It is a strategy of filling the bamboo with concrete. This sustainable model decreases the use of metal and solidity to the constructing.

“I insisted on setting up the residence in a pyramid condition. This has the two advantages and shortcomings. The edge is that it performs as a wall and a roof, which lowers charge. But there will be constrained place within which does not truly feel like a problem for us,” adds Baburaj.

All through the design, he fulfilled with a number of issues these types of as deficiency of expert labourers. “Most of them criticised the notion. At last, staff at Uravu and other community artisans ended up properly trained to build this construction. It was a new practical experience for them way too,” he reminisces.

Other than six types of bamboo together with Bambusa and Strictus, bricks, mud tiles and stones were utilised to comprehensive the design. The household is minimally furnished and most of the home furniture is designed of bamboo. Nearly 90 for each cent of the bamboo wanted for creating the household was grown by Baburaj himself.

Built on a Pond, Stunning Natural Bamboo Homestay in Kerala is a Must-See
There are some eye-catching home furnishings in the Bamboo Villa.

A whole of Rs 29 lakh was used to comprehensive the construction of the pond and residence. The total is much lesser than a concrete house with a comparable location. Two rooms on the 3rd flooring are supplied for visitors as a homestay, and Baburaj and his spouse and children also prepare meals for them.

Built on a Pond, Stunning Natural Bamboo Homestay in Kerala is a Must-See


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A little something Fishy

Baburaj breeds distinct types of fishes in his pond which include some rare species. One can spot photographs of fishes all about the property – on windows, doors and as artwork.

He claims, “Fish plays an significant part in my existence. We are regularly reminded by them to keep energetic and shift all about. I indeed have a trend for them.”

Built on a Pond, Stunning Natural Bamboo Homestay in Kerala is a Must-See
You can see fish images all more than the house.

The pond is a intelligent way to keep the neat temperatures inside of the property. Also, it will help in water conservation. “Rainwater collected on the rooftop is carried to the pond which aids in conference our prerequisites even all through summertime,” he claims contentedly.

Baburaj does not question the toughness and security of the home. Also, he believes that in this age of local weather transform, all homes should be designed sustainably and one particular really should reserve some room to mature some foodstuff goods like veggies.

Built on a Pond, Stunning Natural Bamboo Homestay in Kerala is a Must-See
Baburaj and his exceptional bamboo property.

“We stay in an age exactly where a sustainable life-style is of terrific importance. I come to feel that the govt ought to furnish tax exemptions for eco-pleasant properties to advertise it,” Baburaj opines.

If you are intrigued in traveling to or keeping at Baburaj’s sustainable residence, go to the Bamboo Villa.

(Edited by Yoshita Rao)