7 Largest Shopping Centers to Explore in Surabaya

Planning a getaway to Surabaya? If you’re staying in an apartment near Pakuwon Mall, you’re in luck! The city boasts an array of sprawling shopping centers that offer much more than just retail therapy. From upscale fashion boutiques and international cuisine to state-of-the-art movie theaters and indoor theme parks, these malls are destinations in themselves. 

To help you make the most of your time in Surabaya, we’ve curated a list of the 7 largest and most captivating malls that are truly worth exploring:

1. Tunjungan Plaza

One of the most iconic malls in Surabaya, Tunjungan Plaza, offers a dazzling array of department stores, fashion brands, cinemas, and restaurants within its two main atriums. This central business district (CBD) location is a magnet for those seeking an urban lifestyle. The surrounding area also offers a vibrant mix of modern apartments and established neighborhoods. So if you desire the ultimate shopping centers experience with a convenient location, look no further than Tunjungan Plaza, and remember, for a truly luxurious living experience near world-class shopping, consider an apartment near Pakuwon Mall.

2. Galaxy Mall

Galaxy Mall, situated on Jalan Dharmahusada, caters to families with its comprehensive range of stores. Browse fashion outlets, department stores, a supermarket, and entertainment centers all under one roof. While Galaxy Mall itself doesn’t directly connect to the luxurious apartments near Pakuwon Mall, fret not! The wider Surabaya area offers a vast selection of residential options, so you can find your perfect place close to the mall’s convenient location, such as an apartment near Pakuwon Mall as the prime choice. 

3. Grand City Mall

Grand City Mall, a sprawling neighbor to Pakuwon Mall, offers a unique shopping centers experience. Located along the Mas River, it boasts a convention hall alongside its retail space. Explore a diverse range of stores, from department stores and fashion brands to entertainment venues and restaurants. For the ultimate holiday experience, consider high-rises with modern amenities or explore established neighborhoods such as an apartment near Pakuwon Mall or Grand City.

4. Ciputra World

Ciputra World Surabaya, on Jalan Mayjen Sungkono, complements the luxurious experience offered by Pakuwon Mall. This upscale mall caters to discerning shoppers with its brand-name stores, trendy boutiques, and delectable restaurants. Family fun is also guaranteed with on-site entertainment options. The surrounding area boasts high-end residences and luxury condos, perfectly suited for those seeking an opulent lifestyle.

5. Surabaya Plaza

Surabaya Plaza, strategically located on Jalan Raya Darmo, offers a convenient shopping centers experience in the heart of the city. This mid-range mall caters to a broad audience with its diverse range of stores, including fashion outlets, department stores, supermarkets, and entertainment centers. While it doesn’t boast the same high-end feel as Pakuwon Mall, Surabaya Plaza provides a practical alternative. The surrounding area offers a mix of established neighborhoods and mid-rise apartments, catering to those seeking a more budget-conscious lifestyle. 

6. Royal Plaza

Interestingly, Royal Plaza isn’t a typical shopping mall but rather a strata-titled shopping center. While it offers a vast array of shops and restaurants spread across a large area, the focus here is more on everyday conveniences than high-end luxury. Located strategically near Pakuwon Mall, Royal Plaza provides a complementary shopping experience. Residents in the luxurious high-rises surrounding Pakuwon Mall can easily access Royal Plaza for its daily necessities or a casual dining experience. This proximity offers the best of both worlds: world-class luxury shopping at Pakuwon Mall and the convenience of Royal Plaza nearby.

7. Pakuwon Mall

Surabaya’s crown jewel, Pakuwon Mall, boasts the title of the city’s (and Indonesia’s) largest mall. Formerly known as Supermall Pakuwon Indah, it underwent a grand expansion in 2017, transforming into a luxurious shopping paradise. Spanning over 200,000 square meters, Pakuwon Mall caters to all tastes with high-end designer stores, popular international and local brands, department stores like SOGO and Lotte Mart, cinemas, and a world of culinary delights.

Simply said, while Surabaya offers a variety of malls catering to different preferences, Pakuwon Mall stands out for its sheer size, luxurious ambiance, and diverse range of stores and restaurants.

Surabaya Shopping: Explore Malls & Embrace Luxurious Living near Pakuwon Mall

So, there you have it! We’ve explored the diverse shopping landscape that Surabaya has to offer, from the luxurious haven of Pakuwon Mall to the convenient bustle of Galaxy Mall and the trendy finds at Ciputra World. Regardless of your shopping preferences, Surabaya has a mall to suit your style.

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